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Privacy Policy

We respect each and every of our customer’s privacy and data. When visiting our website , data such as your IP address , browser type and date and time of visit can be stored. Collected information are for us to be able to provided a better user experience. None of this information will be distributed for any monetary gain. Changes to our privacy policy may have changed since the last time you have visited this site. It is encourage that you review this information to fully understand our policies.

Payment Methods

Payment methods we currently accept are cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin , Ethereum & Litecoin.
A minimum of 1/6 confirmation is required before the gold will be sent to you. If you send via Coinbase email address , it will be confirmed immediately which means that we will confirm your payment instantly and deliver the gold to you!

Join Coinbase if you have not yet, here!

For Singapore Users only, we are also accept iBanking. 
After we have confirmed that payment has been received , we will meet you in game and deliver the goal as fast as possible!

For International Users, we currently support cryptocurrencies payments such as Bitcoin , Ethereum & Litecoin.

For Singapore Users, we offer both cryptocurrencies or ibanking transfers via any banks located in Singapore

Is this safe?

We buy our gold from other runescapers who have been grinding hard or won big staking. None of the gold is botted so it reduces the risks of getting banned.
We want both our customers and suppliers to have a reliable platform which can satisfy their gold needs. All our customers are valued and we strive to build trust  with them. No customers have ever been banned from purchasing or selling to us before. You can be assured that our transactions will be safe with us!

Safe Transactions

Why sell to us?

We understand that not everyone have real-world traded before and have no experience on the process. We have a live chat and are  happy to answer your enquiries and questions which you are unsure about regarding your first gold sale or purchase your gold . 
Do feel free to ask about our current rates.

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Privacy Policy

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